Rainbow Massage and Healing Center was established to assist you on your path towards health, wellness and wholeness.

I offer an array of Services and Products to assist you in balancing your body, mind, and spirit. I specialize in massage and energy work.

My massage is a blend of a variety of techniques. Lomilomi is the foundation upon which I then integrate Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Healing Energy. I also integrate Trigger Point, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Acupressure, and Shiatsu depending on a client’s needs.

I also offer Energy Healing which helps to bring balance to one’s life-force energy (Chi, Mana, or Prana) by releasing any bodily pain or discomforts. This balance initiates healing and enhances well-being by clearing energy blockages, balancing the chakras and charging the energy field with healing energy.  This achieves a balance of body, mind, and spirit and assists the body’s natural healing potential.