My massage is a blend of a variety of techniques. Lomilomi is the foundation upon which I then integrate Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Healing Energy. I also integrate Trigger Point, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Acupressure, and Shiatsu depending on a client’s needs.

Reduces or eliminates chronic muscular tension and pain
Reduces recovery time; helps prepare for strenuous workouts, and eliminate subsequent athlete’s pains at any level
Reduces mental, physical fatigue, and emotional stress
Reduces edema
Stimulates the flow of lymph; the body’s natural defense system
Speeds up post-surgery recovery time
Speeds up post-medical, post occupational injuries recovery time
Relaxes and softens injured and over worked muscles
Increases joint flexibility
Improves circulation
Improves sleep
Improves overall sense of well-being

60 Minutes $75.00
90 Minutes $110.00
120 Minutes $150.00